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Founder - Head Coach

Coming from a creative background as a professional dancer, I have a great passion for movement and I am fascinated by the never-ending possibilities of the human body. After moving to London my focus shifted to helping women achieve a healthier and good looking body and I started working as a full-time strength and conditioning coach and studied clinical nutrition.

After a few years, I found that the people that actually maintained their body transformation after the initial 3 to 6 months were the ones with the 'strongest mindset' or in other words, those who believed the most in their success.

So I started studying different techniques that build your mind and from there finally understood that that should be THE place to start for any lasting transformation.

  • Performance/NLP Coach

  • EFT Practitioner

  • Clinical Nutritionist

  • Poliquin Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • REPS Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer

I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2013, training and leading classes around London.  

When training clients I prefer functional training like suspension training, kettlebells and boxing, and I work on agility and flexibility.  


I studied ballet and contemporary dance since a very young age, along with performing arts. I combine my fitness career with an artistic one working as a professional actress in London and Italy.



Personal Trainer

I come from a strong sporting background. Growing up I played football for Southampton, Bristol Rovers and Cheltenham Town, as well as representing Wales in the 800m track event.

Having gained a BSc (hons) degree in Sport and exercise science, and developed a passion for strength training, nutrition and personal fitness over the last 7 years,

I have used all this to achieve my physical goals and I’m looking forward to helping you to achieve yours.




Boxing Coach

I have been a boxer and kick boxer for the last 19 years, and I have developed a big passion for this sport. Starting out as a kick boxer, always wanting to improve my skills set, I added boxing to my training which made me a very technical fighter.

My teaching philosophy also comes down to this: I believe that the right technique and movement + speed translates into strength which means faster results and a better workout.


In my sessions I expect hard work and discipline, with patience, motivation and guidance for you in return.

Together we can find your limit and push beyond them. My motto: It's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday!

Gym based Boxing
Boxing is one of the best ways to train your cardiovascular system, improve your coordination and burn fat because of the required exertion and the amount of muscles used in the workout.

The discipline needed to learn the technique and the nature of the training have proven to create more willpower in other areas of life and makes people feel empowered and more confident.
Not an easy ride because of the hard work, but we highly recommend it in combination with other forms of strength and metabolic training for optimal body composition results.

White Collar Fights and Amateur 
As a coach I also provide 1-2-1 and semi-private training for people that want to take it a few steps further, and up their technique and tactics, train to step in the ring for the first time or improve their amateur skills set.

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